Be Fashion With Pearls

When it comes to fashion I like to break the rules sometimes. Fashion is all about creativity and expressing your own unique personality. One of the many ways you can break the rules where fashion is concerned is with your accessories. With so many new designers, materials and styles available, one outfit can turn into 6 different looks with a change in accessories.

One traditional accessory that never gets old are pearls. Pearls are classy, timeless works of art that range in size, color and style.

Leon Rbibo, President of The Pearl Source and my pearl guru, says that “Pearls have reigned as some of the world’s most popular jewels for centuries, and for good reason; pearls are versatile and timeless. Anyone can wear pearls. They are extremely versatile, whether your hanging at a friend’s house or enjoying cocktails after work. They are great for all age groups, though Akoya and Tahitian South Sea pearls are a bit more of an investment. It’s all about knowing your environment. Pick a strand of pearls that’s suitable for the occasion.”

To show you just how versatile and stylish pearls will always be, we’ve come up with 5 looks to showcase the power of pearls:

1. Pearls in the Office – Traditionally corporate power women have worn black or blue suits, crisp white shirt and a string of pearl around her neck and peals studs. Boring! Take your power to the next level and wear Black Tahitian South Sea drop necklace, with black pearl studs and an amazing black diamond ring. How’s that for office gossip!

2. Pearls on a First Date – Depending on whether you’re going on a blind date or taking a casual friendship to the next level, chemistry always determines if there will be a second date. To bring you some good luck in the chemistry department, a single pearl pendant necklace with DNA Helix design might do the trick. This necklace pairs well with a soft white V-neck tee and your favorite jeans or a LBD (Little Black Dress).

3. Pearls at a Wedding – If it’s not your wedding, you don’t want to outdo the bride, but you still want to rock your amazing style. For spring and summer weddings mix up your look by wearing a fun multicolored pearl necklace. Shades of pink, gold and white will add to your natural radiance and make your entire outfit pop.

4. Pearls for Brunch with the Girls – Lazy Sunday’s and brunch with the girls go hand in hand. No reason to get all dressed up, however, being cute is a must! Instead of a string of pearls opt for a pink pearl bracelet and double pink freshwater stud earrings. We guarantee your girlfriends will be copying your chic style at the next brunch date.

5. Pearls in the Classroom (University) – Millennials can rock pearls in the classroom and at the library. For an easy and effortless look, a single pearl leather braided necklace will attract compliments from classmates. For a more polished preppy look, a necklace or bracelet from the Tincup collection is a sure winner.
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Read This – Leather Coats for Ladies Are the Style That Can Charge Up This Winter

Women are known to have various kinds of clothing in their wardrobe. The common thing among all these clothing is that they are made to pump up the style of the woman. But there is one such thing that is available on the market that is loved by women of all the age group and is perfect for the winter as well and that is coats that are made from leather for the women. This is that kind of wear that is stylish and is made t keep in warm.

Coats for women made from leather enhance the style quotient:

Not many will know that when it comes to the leather coats for ladies then it is a bit different from the normal jackets that are available in the market. These coats are made keeping the style statement of the women in mind. They can be found in various color options and sizes. But it is very much important for the customers to keep one tiny thing in mind and that is the quality of the coats because it is the quality of the coats that is the deciding factor.

They can be found in various style options which are according to the trends of the latest season but at the same time, your choice is also very important. Just because other are totally in love with the leather coats for ladies doesn’t mean you will love it. You might like it in the onset but if after wearing the same you are not comfortable then that coat won’t enhance up your style. It is essential that you are comfortable with the coat made from leather that you have decided to buy.

The comfortableness of the coats that are made from leather depends on the quality of the jackets. So, to assure that quality is perfect one needs to get hold of the right company for the same. There are several companies and that too in abundance in the market and all these companies manufacture such coats of leather keeping in mind the style statement of the women of a particular generation. Coats that are made from leather are among those clothing that doesn’t go out of trend. It is the way they are made keeps on changing. So, while deciding on which company to go with one should be a bit carefully about the following understanding.

The quality which is a very important factor when buying such coats and to understand whether the company offers quality coats or not one needs to look for the feedbacks that are left by the previous customers about the company. You can easily get hold of the feedbacks in the website. After going through the majority of the feedbacks you can eventually decide if this is the right kind of company that goes according to your need or not. So, gift a coat made from leather to the women in your life this season and keep them warm and stylish.
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For Your Information – What Are the Types of Indian Jewellery?

The most beautiful way adopted by Indian woman to adorn herself is Indian Jewellery. It has the dominant place in the life of woman of India. It is not only meant to adorn woman, but also solves the purpose at the time of financial crisis. This jewellery is made up of silver, gold and diamond. It represents the power, status and wealth of the individual. Indian wedding saris are incomplete without them. It adds to the beauty of Indian wedding saris. It also represents our culture. Now we will deal with the types of jewellery worn by women of India.

• Maang tika

A chain, pendant and hook are combined to form maang tika. It is worn on the head of ladies of India by attaching its hook in their hairs. It is especially meant to adorn the forehead of the Indian bride in order to make her look beautiful.

• Nose Ring

It is a jewellery of married women in India which is worn in the nose. A hole is drilled into the nose and then nose ring is inserted into the hole of the nose. The make-up of a woman is not considered to be complete without nose ring.

• Earrings

Earrings are worn in the ears by drilling holes into them. Both married and unmarried women are the bearers of the earrings. They decorate the ears as per the matching dresses. They are the part of each and every type of occasion within our country.

• Necklace

The necklace is tied around the neck of women. If we wear necklace of stones, then it is a belief that we can bind ourselves by the everlasting powers of stones. In ancient times, it was meant to bring the good luck and to provide protection from the evil eye.

• Bangles

Bangles are meant to adorn our hands. They are available in a variety of colours. They are made up of glass, metal, gold and silver. They are termed as shagun of our country’s married women. They are affordable by each and every type of lady whether rich or poor.

• Toe ring

Toe rings are worn on the fingers of legs. They are also the shagun of married ladies of our country. They enable the regularization of the menstruation cycle. The toe ring which is made up of silver is good for the health of ladies as silver absorbs energy from earth and transfer it to her body.

• Ring

The ring is a sign of relation which are inserted around the middle finger of the girls or ladies. It becomes the ornament of a lady at the time of engagement. It is also given as a gift so as to empower the relation. In Christians, it is offered to the bride at the time of marriage.

• Mangal Sutra

Mangal Sutra is a necklace made up of black pearls. It is given by the bridegroom to the bride at the time of marriage. It protects the husband of lady from the evil eye. It is also the shagun of married ladies.

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